2015 ATAR Results

2015 ATAR Statistics

Fantastic results from our Year 12 students!

ATAR results have been released to colleges around the ACT today. We are so proud of our students and teachers for the brilliant results. Congratulations!

73 students gained a Year 12 Certificate
57 students received an ATAR
8 students gained ATAR of 95 or above (14.0%)
22 students gained ATAR of 90 or above (38.6%)
36 students gained ATAR of 80 or above (63.2%)
46 students gained ATAR of 70 or above (80.7%)
50 students gained ATAR of 65 or above (87.7%)
Median ATAR 86.25 (2014 median was 83.30)

Today’s newspaper states we achieved the third highest Median ATAR (we were fourth last year). And the second highest percentage of T package students achieving an ATAR of 65 or higher.

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