School Fees

Trinity has a unique fee structure. The fees have been structured to reflect the Christian values of justice, mercy and equity. Our genuine desire is to make the fees affordable for families who desire Christian education for their children.

Our Standard Fee for 2017 is shown below. This fee scale is for families with a combined income greater than $109,350. Families earning less than $109,350 are encouraged to apply for a generous concession. The concession is based on family gross income. Whilst the graph below gives an indication of concessions, our accounts staff are always willing to discuss affordability issues with families.

Applications for concessions must be lodged with proof of income. Usually Income Tax Returns from the previous financial year provide sufficient proof of income. Generous sibling discounts for 2nd and 3rd children are built into the fee structure, there is no charge for 4th, 5th and 6th siblings. Other specific charges, for example, Camps and Text Book hire are additional to the tuition fees.

Income Concessions 2017


Download a current copy of our Fee Schedule.

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