Creative and Performing Arts (CAPA)

At Trinity Christian School we truly believe that the Arts should be available for everyone so that we can offer our students the opportunity to develop their gifts and talents through our Creative and Performing Ministry subjects of Art, Drama and Music. We offer Arts subjects in the classroom, through many co-curricular activities and creative / performing opportunities.

In the Classroom

Junior School students have approximately 120 minutes of Arts time per week. Each class has a lesson with a specialist music teacher where they have the opportunity to sing, dance and play instruments while learning the elements of music. Classroom teachers also allocate lesson time to Art and Drama in their week.

Students in Middle School have an allocation of 2 periods a week for Art, Music and / or Drama with a specialist teacher. This gives each student a taste of all of the Arts subjects in an encouraging environment so that artistic, dramatic and / or musical talent can be nourished and developed before students decide if they want to elect one or more Arts subjects in Senior School.

In Senior School students have the opportunity to elect Art, Drama and / or Music for a semester at a time. This gives students the opportunity to build on the skills learnt in Middle School and experiment with quite advanced techniques as well as broadening their skill base. Please contact the faculty coordinator for more details regarding subjects offered in Years 9-12.

Co-Curricular Activities

At Trinity we want to include as many students as possible in our co-curricular ensembles. Below is a list of music opportunities that we offer to all students:

• Infants Choir - Years. 1-2
• Junior School Choir - Years 3-5
• Junior Concert Band - Years 2-6 (for experienced players)
• Middle Worship Band - Years 7-8
• String Ensemble - Years 6-12
• Trinity Jazz Band - Years 6-12 (for established players only)
• Trinity Singers - Years 6-12
• Guitar Ensemble - Years 6-12
• Senior Worship Band - Years 10-12 (by audition only)
• Tour Group - Year 7-12 band and vocal students. Our biennial tour is to the Gold Coast in June 2015. Please register your interest with This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

We also offer private music tuition during school hours with specialist tutors in*:

• Flute
• Clarinet/Bass Clarinet
• Saxophone
• Trumpet
• Trombone
• French horn
• Piano
• Singing
• Violin
• Viola
• Guitar electric, acoustic & bass
• Drums

*A fee is charged to be a part of these ensembles and for all private lessons.

Download the TCS Creative and Performing Arts trifold brochure, for the more details on the Trinity's co-curricular activities.

Creative and Performance Opportunities

Each year students from across the school have many opportunities to perform in Drama and Music. These regular events include:

• Assemblies (weekly for Junior School, fortnightly for Middle and Senior School)
• Trinity Has Talent – an annual talent quest for creative students from Year 6-12. Categories include Art, Dance, Bands, Vocals and Drama.
• Floriade – all our music ensembles from Year 3-12 to perform annually at this public event
• Yr 9-10 Art – many opportunities to contribute to other school activities like painting backdrops and props for the musical and other drama productions, creating pieces for the school sculpture garden and class exhibitions
• College Art – holds an annual exhibition to display their major works
• Yr 10 Shakespeare – the elective drama class performs a Shakespeare production each June.
• Drama classes – from Year 6-9 perform works rehearsed to other year levels each semester
• Spring Arts Festival – a biennial event showcasing Art, Dance, Drama and Music from K-12.
• Music Tours a tour with our senior bands and vocal students. In July 2015 students and staff went on tour to the Gold Coast. Next tour 2017
• College Drama – a biennial event as part of the college drama studies, students perform a production in November. In 2015 they performed Hotel Arcadia.
• Musical production – a biennial event for drama and music students from Year 5-12. In April 2016 our production was Peter Pan Musical Adventure.

For more details or queries regarding any of our Creative Arts programs, please call reception on 02 6231 4177 or email the coordinator at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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